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Are you ready for July 1st?

As you know, California has some new 2024 mandatory requirements for businesses. One of them is nearly all employers operating in the State of California must implement and train their employees on their Workplace Violence Prevention Program BEFORE the effective date of July 1, 2024.

Are you ready for this? If not, I have put together a training on how to craft your company’s plan as well as provide you with an almost-done-for-you template. Unfortunately a boxed plan will not work as each workplace is different. But in the training, I will guide you through it to make it easier.

As a reminder, here are some high level points of SB 553:

  • Cal/OSHA will enforce these obligations.

  • The written plans must be customized for each workplace and job site and must address the specific hazards for every work area and identify appropriate corrective actions to address those hazards.

  • Employers will be required to maintain a violence incident log for every occurrence of workplace violence.

  • Employers must train all employees when the plan is implemented and this must be completed by July 1, 2024 and annually thereafter.

  • Employers will be required to maintain records on the different aspects mentioned above.

The law imposes a range of responsibilities, from developing comprehensive written plans to conducting assessments and crafting investigation protocols. Employers must also commit to retaining and disclosing records related to sensitive issues.

In the training, I also recommend a company for you to train your employees. I did a lot of research on different training companies and I liked this one the best because it lets you add your WVPP to the training so employees can acknowledge it (a requirement for the new Senate Bill).

Click on the link below for more information!

If you have questions about this information, please do not hesitate to contact me at

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